Current Issue

Every year the competition features a Current Issue topic which is determined by National Envirothon. Oregon Envirothon tailors the Current Issue for our State. Students are expected to study the Current Issue topic and complete its exam at the Current Issue Station. 

Oregon Envirothon Current Issue Test Keys:


Current Issue Topics:

2024: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

2023: Adapting to a Changing Climate

2022 Waste to Resources

2018 Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views

2017 Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship

2016 Invasive Species: A challenge to the environment, economy, and society

2015 Urban/Community Forests

2014 Sustainable Agriculture, Locally Grown

2013 Sustainable Rangeland Management

2012 Non-Point Source Pollution

2011 Salt and Fresh Water Estuaries

2010 Protection of Groundwater Through Urban, Agricultural and Environmental Planning

2009 Biodiversity in a Changing World

2008 Recreation Management

Extra Current Issue Resources:

Waste Pyramid

Materials Management in Oregon: Framework for Action

2022 Ohio Waste to Resources